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Bentos Catering ®

Always made from scratch. Always on time. And always accommodating of everyone’s dietary needs. Bentos Catering and Bentos Bites offer healthful one-time and ongoing office catering for lunches and snacks that are designed to keep everyone in your office happy. Orders are due the Wednesday prior to the week of delivery.

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Bentos Bites ®

Bentos Bites is a less expensive alternative to daily catering – employees can make their own lunch decisions with the ample selections, but always have access to fresh, healthful, high-quality snacks during the week. The Bentos Bites menu changes every week; we’ll make an initial delivery on Monday, then restock on Wednesday for optimum freshness. And we’re not talking bags of chips and packs of crackers here; think fresh-made mini salads, wraps and breakfast packs.

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