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Meals That Meet Every Dietary Requirement in Your Office

With so many allergies, intolerances and dietary preferences out there, finding a caterer who checks all the right boxes can be a nightmare. But at Bentos Catering, checking all those boxes is just another day at the office.

How It Works
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Too often, the “vegetarian” alternative is just the same dish with the meat removed. Not at Bentos – we make sure each offering of our vegetarian catering stands on its own.

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A lot of companies seem to have trouble with vegan diets – not knowing, for instance, that honey isn’t vegan – but we don’t. We’ll still put together something vegan members of your office can eat and enjoy.

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More and more people are cutting out gluten, whether because of intolerance or personal preference. Either way, we have plenty of options for those who want to avoid it.

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Lactose intolerance is no joke, and like vegetarians, people who don’t eat dairy can have a tough time finding options. At Bentos, though, we can easily work around dairy limitations without sacrificing taste.

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Nut allergies can pose a serious danger, and some companies find it difficult to keep nut products out of their food. But at Bentos, our kitchen is set up so it’s easy to segregate meals – and make sure they’re not contaminated by unwanted ingredients.

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Specific Diets

Paleo-friendly? Yep – we can limit grains, legumes and dairy. Keto-friendly? Sure, we can focus on fats and keep carbs to a minimum. High-carb, low-carb? Easily achieved. We’re familiar with all sorts of major diets and have the know-how to work around them. Please note: double protein is an additional charge.



We’re ready for whatever allergy accommodations we may need to make for your office. Fish, shellfish, eggs – we’re prepared for it, and we can accommodate it.

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